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Ginx TV

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  • 제작자
  • 등급 12세 이용가
  • 업데이트 2014-01-08
  • 버전 v 1.221
  • 용량 6.58MB
  • 지원장비 LCD/LED, PDP, BD, MFM

Application 태그


Ginx TV is the world’s only international video gaming television channel and production company. Based in the UK, our growing library of shows and videos are enjoyed by audiences both as a part of the Ginx TV channel and through syndication on other networks and services across the globe. All our shows offer the same insightful reviews, previews and features you’d expect from traditional games journalism but presented with the style, humour and entertainment value you expect from quality lifestyle television.

Whether it’s The Blurb or maybe Planet of the Apps, each of our brands offer gamers a unique insight into a different side of this emerging industry, from consoles and PCs to handhelds and tablets. Our approach to the games we play is all about the experience, whether it’s fun or exciting or scary or thrilling. Men and women, young and old, from all sorts of different backgrounds, can find something to enjoy on Ginx. This app was developed in conjunction with Ginx TV and the Rample team.

판매자 정보

판매자 정보 서식
대표자명 Michiel Bakker
상호 Ginx TV
전화번호 United Kingdom of Great Britain Ireland (+44) 7971464022
주소 Unit 1L, Woodstock Studios 36 Woodstock Grove -
사업자번호 -

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