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Screen Dreams Free screenshot

Screen Dreams Free

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  • 제작자
  • 등급 전체이용가
  • 업데이트 2014-03-19
  • 버전 v 5.00501
  • 용량 10.02MB
  • 지원장비 LCD/LED, PDP, BD, MFM

Application 태그

Fireplace(1) | aquarium(2) | art(6) | screensaver(2) | wallpaper(1)


Enjoy for free and experience in HD famous museum-quality works of art, world-class photography, exotic Aquariums, and roaring Fireplaces with Screen Dreams Free Galleries, Wallpapers, and Screensavers!<br /><br />Like a window to the world, Screen Dreams delivers the most choices to watch with the largest selection of ambient imagery and audio content for your Samsung device. Transform your TV into a living picture frame and enjoy your own exclusive art museum. Set the mood when entertaining and inspire conversation, or just relax in front of a virtual Fireplace or tropical Aquarium. Add ambiance and enhance any living décor with our beautiful art, photography, videos, and soothing soundtracks. <br /> <br />Advertising supported.

판매자 정보

판매자 정보 서식
대표자명 -
상호 Screen Dreams Publishing, Inc.
전화번호 United States of America (+1) 800-625-9000
주소 1011 North Hancock Street 208 -
사업자번호 -

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